After suffering the disabling pain of post operative neuralgia for 6 years after a botched caesarian section surgery, I was referred to Dr Agnes Stogicza in hopes of becoming pain free. After running a couple tests, it was decided I was a candidate for a cryo neuro ablation procedure which would trigger my body to heal the damaged nerve(s). The results were life changing. Just over 5 months post-op, all of the pain I had suffered ceased completely. It has now been 8 years that I have been pain free. I can never thank her enough for giving me back the ability to live a joyous and uninhibited life. Once again, thank you Dr Stogicza for all that you did for me. You will never be forgotten. Thanks to you and my success, I have shared my story with people who have since looked into treatment for themselves and their loved ones.

Dhyana Towell